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Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

  • Do you have mistrust issues?

  • Do you engage in unhelpful relationships, but don’t understand why you are stuck in a cycle?

  • Do you remember your childhood needs not being met by your parent(s)?

  • Do you find yourself overly dependent on others?

  • Do you try and cope with your unhelpful behaviours through food, alcohol, drugs or avoidance?

  • Do you find yourself using your anger to push people away?

  • Have you suffered abuse?

Schema Therapy for a healthy mindset

If you are able to answer yes to any of these questions posed and you find it difficult to engage in life, then Schema therapy is for you. Schema therapy will help you address those unhelpful behaviour patterns which may have developed as a result of early life experiences; Schema therapy helps you to become the healthy adult you deserve to be.

Schema Therapy can also help with those whom have been diagnosed with personality disorders, depression and anxiety-based presentations.

The Science..

Schema Therapy was developed by Jeffrey Young in 1999. and utilises CBT, Psychoanalysis, Gestalt and Attachment Theory.

Image by Tim Bogdanov
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